How to Upgrade your Window 8.1 to Window 10?

Microsoft Office is the well-known software in Tech Industry. It includes many applications which make the work of every organization easier and comfortable. Till now no other software has made which can compete with this software because it fulfills the requirement of every firm. This software is very common among the school going children’s also. You can install this software via

If you want the latest version of Windows and right now you are using the older versions. Like if you have Window 8.1 on which you are working but you want latest version i.e. Window 10 then you must follow this blog. In this blog, we discuss how to upgrade Window 8.1 to Window 10 by using Window update feature or you can visit Microsoft website

Upgrade your Window 8.1 or Window 10:

You can upgrade your Window 8.1 to Window 10 by using the Window update feature which is in the Control Panel menu. For upgrading first you have to click on the Windows key and X key which is on the keyboard. Else, you can right-click on the Windows Start symbol which is on the left side of the screen. Then you can choose the Control Panel menu in the context menu. After this, hit on the Windows Update URL. At the end of the menu list, this URL is located. Now, press on the Get Started button which is on the Windows Update menu to start the upgrading process. Now the License Agreement will be displayed on your screen. You have to click on the Agree option. Now, you will see the option to do the updates later on. But if you want to do the right now then goes to the upgrade process. Now, you have to wait for a few minutes to complete the upgrading process. Now, you will get the Welcome Back display. Follow the on screen instructions, to complete the Windows 10 setup process. After this, select the Windows settings tab. And click on the Customize settings option. Now, adjust the settings. Now, you complete the remaining set up process which includes Cortana. After setup process complete, sign in with the username and password which you have registered with Windows 8.1. When you complete the procedure, and then go to the Home screen.

Another Way to Window 8.1 to Window 10:

 First, you have to open the internet browser. Then, you can launch the Windows 10 download webpage. Now, you have to search for the Download Tool Now option. Just click on the Download Tool Now option. When you complete the download procedure, and then run it. If you want to upgrade your computer, then choose the Upgrade this PC now radio option. Now, click on the Next button. If you want to upgrade to any other system, then you have to choose the second option. Then, it will automatically start the installation process of Windows 10. Now, start the setup process.

But if you are still facing any kind of problem then you can contact to the customer care executive of Microsoft Office via You can call on their toll free number for help and support at any time.

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