Fix “Not Implemented” Error in Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Office is the suite which is designed for both home and business purpose and developed by Microsoft. This suite is consisting of application like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, and MS Outlook etc. You can easily install MS Office setup by the official site i.e. Every application has its own features.

But if you receive any error in MS Outlook likes “Not Implemented” error, then you can easily fix it. This error basically occur when you hit the send/receive button in MS Outlook.

Common Reasons for “Not Implemented” Error in Outlook:

If the user hit the send/receive button, or try to perform a Reply/Reply All/ Forward operations on their window and get the error “Not Implemented” in Outlook. The reasons for this error are Faulty Outlook Add INS, Messed up Send/Receive Settings, Improper integration of Outlook, Damaged Outlook Profile, Damaged Outlook Installation, and Corrupt Outlook PST file.

Steps to fix “Not Implemented” error:

1. Launch Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Add ins:

Add-ins is installed to increase their functions but this add-ins always cause problems. The corrupt add-ins disturbs the working of the Outlook. To disable Add-ins, first type the command Outlook/Safe in the window Run dialogue box and press enter. This helps in disabling all Add INS in Outlook. Then go to the Outlook options, then in Add INS and press Go. This will open all Add INS and then disable all Add INS. After this see send/receive is working, if it is working then you have found the faulty add INS. Then start enabling add INS one by one and recheck send/receive or forward/ reply to find the faulty add ins.

2. Correct Send/Receive Settings by recreating SRS File:

Recreating the entire SRS file by resetting them to avoid “Not Implemented” error. First go to the Folder,


After this rename the Outlook.srs file to Outlook.srs.old, restart Outlook to recreate SRS file. At last check if send/receive works.

3. Disable Antivirus Program:

When all the sent/receive emails is being scanning then this sometimes lead to hanging, delay or interruption of the send/receive process. To solve this error, disable the antivirus which scans all the outgoing and incoming emails.

4. Recreate Outlook Profile:

First go to the Control Panel and select the Mail applet. Now click on Shows Profile. Then on the next screen, click the Add button to create a new profile. After this set your account.

5. Repair the MS Office Installation:

Installation of MS Office may be the reason of this error. Then reinstallation may help in fixing this error. First open the Control Panel then select Uninstall Programs. After this select the Microsoft Office and click the change button. Then choose repair and click continue.

6. Repair the corrupted outlook PST:

Used by double clicking it. This will fix the minor problems in the PST file. But if the Outlook PST file is damaged then this will not work.

Stellar Repair for Outlook: – If you have followed all the steps then also the error is not fixed then do stellar repair for outlook. In this there is a powerful scanning and repairing algorithms which will repair the corrupted PST file.


If all the solutions did not work, then you can contact to the customer care of They are experienced to solve your problems.

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