Grab the knowledge about Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Office is the software which is consist of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, MS Access, and Skype for business. It is developed by Microsoft in the early 1980’s. It makes the work of the user easy and comfortable. This software is useful in every organization like schools, colleges, institutions, offices and also for business purposes. Every application has its different functions. Through this you can make presentation, create spreadsheets, and also you can do formatting and editing.  It is very to install Microsoft Office via

Microsoft Word is the word processing program in which you can type document. In this you can also create tables; put images and can do formatting, and editing of the document. This word processor is available for Mac and PCs.

The basic function of Microsoft Word is as follows:

  1. Alignment:

Alignment is the function of Microsoft Word through which you can set your document from the formatting toolbar which is located at the top of Window. With the help of this option you can move your text to the right, left, center, or justified.

  • Bullets/Numbering:

From the formatting toolbar, you can add bullets or numbering to the series of text. When you want to create a list of text items, choose bullets and numbering to add a series of numbers before each item.

  • Clipboard:

Clipboard is the storage area where the text is stored for later use. You can use copy or cut command to store the text in the clipboard.

  • Copy:

Press the Control and C key in Window will copy the text. First, select the text and click the copy option under the Edit menu, to copy the text.

  • Cut:

The cut functions come under the Edit menu.  Control and X cut the text entirely from the viewable document and save it in the clipboard.

  • Document:

To create a new document just press Control N or choose New Blank Document from the file menu option. Document in the Microsoft Word is the New File.

  • Edit:

Editing functions are copying, cutting and pasting.  It also has the option like Undo and Find/Replace option. This is used to do editing the text.

  • Font:

It is the type of design for text. To change the font of the document, first you have to select the text, and then choose from font menu.

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