How to Install, Activate and Download Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office set up is the software which is developed by Microsoft. It includes much application like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook and One Drive. It is very useful in daily life in homes, offices, hospitals, institutions, and schools and also useful for business purposes. Its applications are used for creating and edit document, to perform mathematical calculations with analytical functions, and also for presentations etc. You can also create documents, charts, calculations, reports, and presentation with high speed and accuracy. It is very easy and simple to install Microsoft Office via

Benefits of MS Office:

The benefits of MS Office setup is you can share MS Office software with your 5 family members, You can be use this software on various devices like PCs, Mac, laptop, Android Phones, you can work collectively, and also the technical support of MS Office is very supportive and you can take help and support from them in times of need.

Download Process of MS Office:

First of all, go to the web browser of your computer system and visit to the site  Then just login to your Microsoft Office account. But if you do not have the MS Account then creates your new MS Account. After this select the subscribed product from the drop down menu. Now just enter the 25 digit alphanumeric product key for downloading the Office setup file. To download Office setup file, click on “Download” option. When download the procedure of Office completes, then follow the process of Installation.

Installation Process of MS Office:

When the download process completes, then search for the Office setup file. After this, double click on the Office setup file. Now follow all the instruction appears on the screen. Click on “I Agree” term. After the completion of Installation Process, follow the activation process.

Activation Process of MS Office:

First of all, open the Office setup file, and double click on it. Now the activation wizard will appear on the screen. Then login to your MS Account. Now enter the 25 digit product key for activation process. Click on “Activate Now”.

After following this procedure, the Microsoft Office will successfully be installed in your computer system. But if you find some problem in activating Office product then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via You can also call them, on their toll free number at any time at any place.

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