How you can increase your business productivity by using MS Word?

MS Office is the software which helps in increasing the productivity of your business. It is very easy to install this software by just visiting to its site No other software has made till now which can compete with this software. As this software has all the relevant features which helps in the business growth by making the work faster and convenient for the user. This software has all the applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Outlook and Skype for business purpose with unique features. This software is the complete package which helps in formatting, editing, creating text document, to create presentation and also for making spreadsheets by using formulas.

If you want to increase the productivity through MS Word application you can follow some tips which will really helpful, increase your productivity and also makes you smarter.


  1. If you want to select the whole paragraph just make three rapid clicks anywhere in the paragraph.
  2. If you want to select the sentence, then just press Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence.
  3. For creating the horizontal line just type 3 hyphens and press the enter key.
  4. To delete the preceding word, press the backspace key while holding the Ctrl key.
  5. To apply the specific format, just use format painter feature.
  6. To increase the font size of the selected text just press Ctrl+ Shift+> but to decrease the size of the font just press Ctrl + Shift + <.

How you save images from Word Document?

If you wanted to save the images from the document as your document has lot of images in it and you want to make the separate file of this then right click on the image and select “Save as Picture” option. For this, first go to MS Word document, then go to file menu and select Save as option. This will open the Save As dialog box. After this, select the Web page from the Save as type list. Now click on Save Button. In this step you need to open the Window Explorer, and browse the location where you saved the document. Now this folder has all images.

How to find and Replace images in MS Word?

Where you want to do replacement open that MS Word document, and insert the new images on the top of the document. After this, select the newly inserted image and after this press Ctrl +C to copy it. Now delete the newly inserted image. At this point, press Ctrl +H for opening the Find and Replace Box and put^g in the find box and ^c in the replace box. And at last press Replace All button.


If you have more questions or you want more knowledge just visit to the site of MS Office through

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