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MS Office is the software which has many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and also Skype for business purpose. Every application has its own feature. MS Office software is easy to install via

Skype and its functions:

  1. Skype to Skype voice calls:

When you are doing Skype to Skype calls they are always free, whether you are doing local or international call. In this you can view the callers profile, accept, reject and block calls.

  1. Low cost call to landline and mobile numbers:

You can also do calls to friends and family, those who are not on Skype on low cost. You can pay for those calls on Skype Credit which you purchase online. Calling includes Forwarding call, caller ID, and Skype number.

  1. Video Calls:

Video calls with the friends who have Skype are free. Group video calls are also free who has Skype whether you are using mobile phone or computer.

  1. Messaging:

The person who are using Skype can also do chat message with the person or in the group. You can also do text message, video message, and also voice message. You can also send Mojis and video clips.

  1. Voicemail:

In this you can record a personal voice message and you can also listen to that voicemails which people send you.

  1. Sharing on Skype:

You can share your computer screen with anyone, send files to others, drag and drop files to a contact list, group screen sharing and also you can accept files from other person.

  1. Other Skype Feature:

You can add a Skype button to your website; visitors can contact and call you by just clicking that button, Skype translator translates Skype message, calls and videos in other languages. With a single click on the Skype share button which is there on your website, change your content in the chat format.


If you want to download this application just download MS Office via More details you have to call on their customer care number and they will help you in best possible way.

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