Protect MS Office file by locking it:

MS Office is the software which was developed by Microsoft and it is consist of many applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Excel, OneNote, and Outlook etc. It is very easy to install via It is used by many organizations like institutions, schools, colleges, offices and also for businesses. It is helpful in formatting, editing, creating text document and also for creating presentations etc. This software makes the work easier and faster. It is also used by architecture, builders and home decorators for making flowcharts, maps and also for making floors etc.

Why you want to protect MS Office file?

People generally protect MS Office file because so that nobody can read their word document without their permission, so they secure the MS Office file by password. The password of the word document is known by only the creator of that document.

Lock or Secure MS Office File:

You can lock or secure MS Office file by creating a strong password security so that other people can’t edit or read that document. If you forgot the password reading of the file will not be possible because MS Office file is encrypted. To lock or secure MS Office file first you have to open that file which you wanted to secure. Then press the MS Office logo and press the prepare. After this, small window will open and now click on the encrypt document button. Now the pop up window will open and ask for the password. Add a secure password that is not guess by others and press OK button. After this re-enter the password for confirmation. At the end close the file. Now in future if you wanted to open the file, you have to enter the password to read or edit the file. If you forgot the password you will not be able to open the file.

Technical Assistance:

If you still don’t able to follow the procedure then you can contact to the customer care for help and support. You can contact through . You can also call on their toll free at any place at any time. The executives are highly experienced and can solve your problem in minutes. They are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. If you call them for help, you need not to wait for so long. They will pick your call on single bell.

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