How do you Apply Background Colors Word-MS Office?

MS Word is very useful for creating text document. In this you can do formatting, editing, create tables and lot of work which increases the productivity. In Word document, you can apply the color to the table like in the background or to the specific portion of the table. This also helps in highlighting the specific portion. You can apply different colors to the column, row or cell. 

Add a table with Shading:

First of click the insert tab on the ribbon and then choose the table tab. After this drag the cursor to the grid and choose the rows and columns you want in the table. Now, in the table design tab, you have to click on borders. After this, select the border style, size and color. Then choose the border from the drop down menu under Border options or you can click on Border Painter to draw on the table and indicate that which cell should be colored.

Add color to a Table with Border and Shading:

First of all highlight the cell you want to tint with the background color. After this use the ctrl key for selecting the contiguous cell. Then right click on selected cell, now on the popup menu, select border and shading. Then open the shading tab. After this, click the drop down menu under Fill to open the color chart for selecting the background color. From the style drop down menu, select the pattern in the chosen color. Now choose the cell in the apply to drop down box to apply the chosen color to the highlighted cell. Selecting table fills to the entire table with the background color and click ok. his explanation

Add color with Page Borders Design Tab:

First click on the design tab on the ribbon. Now highlight the cell on which you want to apply the background color. After this, click the page border tab and choose shading. Now in the drop down menu under Fill, you have to select the color from the color chart. From the style drop down menu, select the percentage of tint or pattern. Apply setting at cell to add the background tint to the selected cell.

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