How to insert a digital signature with Signature Line?

Digital signature is the encrypted form of authentication which confirms that the document is altered. For inserting the digital signature you must have the digital certificate. To create the digital signature, first you have to place the cursor where you want the digital signature in your document. Then go to the Insert tab.  Here you have to select the signature line in the text group and select Microsoft Office Signature Line. Here, the Signature Setup dialog box will open. Now type all the information like signer’s full name, title, and email address and all the other information. After this, select Allow Signer to add Comments in the Sign Dialog, this is for if you want the signer to type their purpose for signing. Now select the Show Sign Date in Signature Line if you want the date to be shown in the document. Here, right click on the Signature Line and you have to select Sign to add your signature. At last, type your Name as you want to appear in the document.

How to insert Handwritten Signature In the document?

For this, if you have the scanner, you can upload the image of your Physical Signature. First you have to sign on white which should be unlined piece of paper. Now, scan the signature and save it as a bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png file. After this, start word and visit to the Insert Tab and select Pictures. Then go to the Signature file and select Insert. Now select the Image and activate the Picture tools tab. After this, select Crop and crop the image to delete the excess space around the signature. Then right click on image and select save as Picture. Now enter the name, choose where to save it, and select Save. At last, when you want to insert the signature, select the Insert tab and then select picture and at the end locate the file.

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