How to Insert Footnote?

To insert Footnotes in Microsoft Word. First of all, place the cursor where you want the footnote should be located. Here you don’t have to type the number, it will do automatically. Then you have to select the References Tab. After this, in the footnote groups, you have to choose Insert Footnote. This will place the superscript number in the text. It moves the cursor to the end of the page. Now, here you have to type the footnote and you can add any formatting. If you want to return to your place in the document, then you have to double click the number at the beginning of the footnote. You can add footnote in any of the order you want. Word will automatically update the number. Footnote will appear in the sequent way.

How to remove a Footnote?

To remove a footnote in Word you have to highlight its reference number in the text and you have to press the delete key. The Word Document file will renumber the remaining footnotes.

Difference between the Footnote and Endnote:

MS Word has both Endnote and Footnote. Both the element appears in the end of the page. Footnote is at the bottom of the page containing reference number. Endnote appears at the end of the document. If you want to place an Endnote then go to the Reference Tab and then you has to select Insert Endnote.

If you want to convert the footnote into the endnote, then you have to right click the footnote at the bottom of the page and select convert to endnote. If you want to convert endnote to footnote then right click on the endnote and then select convert to footnote. Visit here

Short key for Footnote and Endnote:

If you want to insert short key for Footnote and Endnote in Word Document then you have to press Alt+ Ctrl+ F for footnote and press

Alt+ Ctrl+ D to insert endnote.

If you still have any doubt then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via You can also call on their toll free number for help and assistance. 

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