Use OneDrive on PC:

You can use One Drive on PC through

  1. Setup One Drive In Window 10:

One Drive is already pre-installed in Window 10. If you signed in Window through MS account, you automatically logged into One Drive. If you are not signed in, then you can click on the up arrow on the taskbar and after this click on the icon which looks like a cloud. Pop up window will appear on the screen then One Drive invites you to sign in. Now follow all the instructions to complete the set up.

  1. Choose Folders which are synced:

If you logged in to OneDrive, then you can change which folders are synced to your PC by right-clicking it and click on Settings. From the Account tab, click ‘Choose folders’ and select the folders which are available on your PC. Now, open File Explorer, click on OneDrive from the sidebar and you’ll see all the folders which you chosen to sync. You can open these files on your PC at any time. If you delete something from OneDrive in File Explorer, and then files will automatically disappear from other devices too.

  1. Back up local files to One Drive:

If you want your Documents and Pictures folders to be backed up to the cloud, then right-click on the OneDrive in the notification area, then select Settings. After this, click the Auto Save tab, then from the drop-down menu to choose OneDrive for each file.

  1. Share files from One Drive:

To share a file in OneDrive, right-click it in File Explorer and then select ‘Share a OneDrive link’. Then the link is copied to your clipboard, so you can paste it on any web page to share it. This files can only be viewed by you, so if you want someone else to share, and then choose ‘More OneDrive sharing options’ from the menu. Open One Drive in your browser then pop-up sharing box display with a tick box which allows you to do ‘Allow editing’. At the end copy the URL below to share it. For more info

  1. Restore Deleted Files:

If you’ve deleted a file, you will restore it from the OneDrive web app, so right-click on OneDrive in the notification area and select ‘View online’. Then click the ‘Recycle bin’ on the left sidebar, select the items you want to recover and then click on Restore.

Follow these steps, if you are using One Drive on PC and for more information just visit to the site of MS Office via

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