How to Modify the Themes in Microsoft Office Document?

Microsoft Office is the software which is famous all over the world. This Office package provides the provision to create the text document in the Word file and also you can make a very attractive presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. There are numerous of people who are taking benefits from this MS Office software. You can install this software through This software is useful for both homes and in business purposes. Its application makes the work of people easier and convenient.

What are Microsoft Office Themes?

Microsoft Office Themes quickly change the look and feel of the entire document and presentation. In this you can set the font, colors and graphical effects of the documents. You can use this in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Office Themes are important because it helps to reinforce your brand which your business creates. It keeps things in line within your template so it maintains consistency. They increase the efficiency because it helps in formatting the content easily.

Easy Methods to Modify Themes in Office Document:

First of all, open any application (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) of the MS Office programs. Double click on the icon of the application and then launch it. A new page or a document will open on your screen. Here you can then choose the program you want to open by clicking on the program list of the Office program. Then in the toolbar, you can choose the file tab which is located at the upper corner of the screen. Click on the option tab from the file menu. Option tab will be located at the bottom left hand side of the menu. Then you have to locate the option panel for customizing the setting in the Office setting area. The Window will pop up on your screen; it has all options which are linked with the customization. Now you can choose the theme which appears by clicking on the drop down menu. There is different combination of theme; you can choose the color from these themes. The colors are light grey to white and dark grey. Once you have selected the color, you can click on the Ok button.

You can modify the themes very easily, but if you are facing problem then you can visit to the official website of MS Office via You can also contact to the customer care executive for help and support or you can call on their toll free number.

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