How to add Page Breaks?

If you want to add page break in the document then place the cursor where you want to break the page. But if want to break the long document then you can insert the page break between the paragraphs. Go to Insert then Pages. After this, go to Page Break. Where the cursor is, it will start a new page. To quickly add the page break, you can use the ctrl +Enter key.

Different kinds Of Page Breaks:

  1. Column Breaks:

Column break is like a page break or a section break in which you add the location of the text to appear in the next column. To add the page break, you have to place the cursor where you want your column to be break.

  1. Text Wrapping:

If you want to add a caption with the object or Picture, the text wrapping break will help to add the caption with the object while rest of the document is around your object and the caption. click here

  1. Next Page:

It is just like a page break which is under the Insert menu. It also helps to create a new section in the document.

  1. Continuous Break:

It is also just like the next page break and used to create a new section.

  1. Even and Odd Page Break:

Through this you can insert a section break and it also helps you to go to odd or even page. You can format your alternative pages.

How to remove Page Break?

To remove Page Break, click on the show and hide symbol which is on the Home Tab. This will show the page break and spaces. You have to double click the break you want to delete. Then hit delete button.

But if you are still finding any kind of difficulty in adding and removing the page break, you can go to the customer care executive for help via

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