Before Encryption you should know important points:

First you should store your password in some safe place, because if you forget your password you can recover your document. You should open your document when you want to access it and make sure to close the document if you complete your editing or viewing. Do not share your password for security reasons.

How to enable Encryption?

First, you have to open MS Office document which you want to encrypt. Then click on the File menu which is located at the top of the computer screen and then select the Info tab. After this, click on Protect Document and then select encrypt with password. Now create the password for your document and this password should be different from other passwords. Now you can type in the password section and click on Ok. It will ask you again to confirm your password then again type it and click on Ok. Now your file is encrypted with this password. You can open the document, save your file and free to edit this document.

How to disable Encryption?

First you have to open the MS Office document in which you want to disable encryption. Then, you have to click on the File menu which is located at the top of the computer screen. Now, select the Info tab, and click on Protect Document. After this, select Encrypt with Password. At this point delete all the characters in the password field and click on OK. Now, there is no need to use a password to open your document. www office com setup 

How to open the Encrypted File?

First, open the file as you do normally, by double-clicking on it, Then it ask for the password. Now, type the password in the required field and click on OK. You are free to edit and save your file; Microsoft Office will take care of encrypting the file for you.

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