Move Virtual Memory To Another Drive on Window 10:

Virtual Memory is the most important component of the operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows etc. It allows you to run applications on the Computer system so that you have physical memory to support. It is written on the file on the hard drive which is known as page file. It stores the unused or modifying pages in RAM. It improves the performance and reduces the chance of locking up if it runs out of memory. You can move the page file to another drive if you need it to increase the overall performance. It provides the way to increase the memory in the computer system and you can run any software like MS Office easily via

How to move Virtual Memory to another Drive?

If you want to move the virtual memory to another drive then you first have to go to the Settings option on your computer system. After this, you have to select the System option. Then, click on the About button. Now, under the ‘Related settings’ option which is located on the right- side of the computer screen, and select ‘System info’. After this choose the ‘Advanced system settings’ which is in the right- side of the computer screen. Now, under the ‘Performance’ option, you have to select the Settings tab. Then, go to the Advanced button. Under the ‘Virtual memory’ field, you have to select the Change tab. Then untick the box of ‘Automatically manage paging file size for drivers’. Now under the ‘Paging file size for each drive ‘section, you have to choose the C: drive. Then choose the option No paging file and go to the Set tab. After this, you should click on the Yes tab. Now, you have to go to the drive you would like to use for paging file.

Go to the ‘System managed size’ section click on the Set button. Then choose the OK tab and after this you have to select the Apply tab. Now, click on the OK tab. At last you have to reboot your computer system. Now it will make a new pagefile.sys file automatically, which include the virtual memory content.

How to verify the Virtual Memory?

If you want to confirm the virtual memory is working on the hard drive then first you have to go to the File Explorer and open it. Then you have to select the This PC which is in the left-hand side panel of the computer screen. Then, under the Devices and drives section, you have to click twice to launch the drive which saves the paging file. Then select the View button. After this, you have to tick the box of Hidden items. And then click on the Options tab. After this choose the View button. Under this, Advanced settings option, untick the box of ‘Hide protected operating system files’. Then go to the OK tab and click on the Apply tab. Then you have to select the OK tab. Now, you have to confirm the ‘pagefile.sys’ file is present.

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