What are the Best MS Office Password Recovery Tool?

Microsoft Office is the software which is used in all the organizations like offices, colleges, schools, institutes and for the business purpose also. This software can install via www.office.com/setup. This is used for creating text document; spread sheets, for formatting and editing also.

People use MS Office also for storing their confidential data. To add extra layer of security to their data, they keep a strong password so that nobody else can access their confidential data. But sometimes user forgets their password. So, now it is not a big issue to recover password for their Office document.  You can use this free Office recovery tool document to recover your password so that you easily get access over your data or Office files.

Best MS Office Password Recovery Tool:

The best MS Office Password Recovery Tool given by office.com/setup are as follows:

  • Pass Fab for Office:

This is a MS Office password recovery tool which helps to get back the lost password or to unlock the encrypted files in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. You can get back lost password with just one click. It also helps to find out the Password for Windows, MS Account, PDF, ZIP, RAR etc. But with this tool you cannot find out the password for lower version of Office like Office 95.

  • Advanced Office Password Recovery:

This tool of Office is 100% safe and secure. It helps you to reset your password and it uses GPU to increase the speed of cracking password for your Office files. The strong password cannot be recovered quickly but with the help of this tool you can even recover the strong password also. It supports all Microsoft Office versions.

  • Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Password:

This tool helps you to recover the password for Word and Excel files. With this tool you can unlock any document protected by password. This is a free tool; you don’t have to pay any money to recover the password for your files. This is the fastest method to recover the password. It supports MS Word and Excel 95-2003.

  • Word Password Recovery Master:

The name gives you clear hint that you can recover password for the MS Word document. This tool helps you to unlock the file which is stored in MS Word document. But you cannot recover password for Office 2016 with this tool.

This Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tool helps you to recover password in the fastest way. But if you are still facing any problem you can contact top the customer care executive of MS Office via www.office.com/myaccount.  You can call them at any time and can ask your minor problems also.

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