How can you recover Deleted Microsoft Office Files from Hard Drive?

Microsoft Office is the necessity of daily life and it becomes useful in homes as well as for business purpose. It performs multitasking like formatting, editing, page setup, for spreadsheets, and also to create presentations. Microsoft Office is consisting of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. You can install this software via People saved their important files in the hard drive. But if you delete your important file by mistake, you don’t have to worry about that. Your lost file can be recoverable. Before you try to recover, you can search in the File Explorer.

Situation under which You Delete your Files:

The situation under which you can delete or lose files from Hard Drive are when you delete the file accidently, if you have Virus or malware in your system, if there is Corrupt hard drive, there is Power failure, Scratched platters and you try to Reformatting the files.

What kind of Deleted files can be recovered?

You can get back the files which are deleted if it is presentations, word file, excel file, PDF files, and all other important documents or data can also be recovered easily.

How to restore deleted Files in your system?

Step 1: Restore Files from HDD with Recoverit:

Recoverit data Recovery:

Recoverit Data Recovery is the best data recovery which helps you to recover deleted data with the high recovery rate like images, emails, archives, and multimedia files. Computer’s HDD restore also helps to recover data from the recycle bin, desktop, an external device, or even your crashed computer.

For this, select the location first from where you have lost data. After this, just perform two types of scans i.e. all-around scan and deep scan. When you get the data in between the scanning process, the scan can be stopped or paused in between.  The data which you have found after the scan, you can preview the files before recovering them. After previewing just click on recover to get back the files. It is advised that never save the file on the same location.

Step 2: Check the Recycle Bin Not Emptied:

Recycle Bin:

It is a folder where all the files which you delete is stored in the recycle bin.

First, open the recycle bin then Select the Files which you want to restore. After this, right-click on the selected files and then click on the “restore” button. Now save your file or folder by dragging them to their desired location.

Step 3: Check the Previous Versions of Deleted Files:

Sometimes when you are editing a file, document or images but there is sudden shut down of your computer due to any reason. In this situation, Window saves the files.

For this, first go to the Folder which contains your deleted files. After this, just right-click on the folder to select the “Restore previous versions.” Now, select the folder. Then, restore the file or folder and save it to some another location.

Step 4: Recover from Cloud or Local Backup:

You can even recover the files or folder from the Cloud or Local Backup.

But, if you have any kind of problem in recovering the data then you can contact to the customer care executive via

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